Lucente Matt Cashmere

The growing popularity of cashmere makes a stunning impact in a matt handleless kitchen. Bi-fold wall units add to the contemporary feeling, providing design lead functionality.

Lucente Matt Stone

Stone exudes earth tones heightened by the painted smooth matt finish. The inclusion of glazed wall units create additional light and feature cabinets.

Lucente Matt Light Grey

Light grey is a cool contemporary colour favourite and a natural inclusion in the Lucente range. Darker worktops contrast beautifully for a kitchen with serious impact.

Lucente Matt Cream (Ivory)

The soft soothing tones of Cream make it a natural choice in Lucente’s new matt finish. Including larger pan drawers creates the feeling of space and provides quick access to your essentials.

Lucente Matt White

The simplicity of a matt white finish makes it an ideal choice for Lucente’s minimalist design. Maximise your space and practicality with smaller pull out units around your cooking zone.

Lucente Matt Anthracite

The darker tone of anthracite provides real depth to a kitchen while careful planning creates minimalist lines to be proud of.

Lucente Gloss Porcelain

Lucente Porcelain creates an exciting and exclusive setting.
The neutral tones and use of curved doors provide a natural flow around the kitchen that is warm and welcoming.

Lucente Gloss Cashmere

Sleek, contemporary and stylish: Lucente Cashmere creates an exciting and exclusive setting.
The neutral tones and use of curved doors provide a natural flow around the kitchen that is warm and welcoming.

Lucente Gloss White

Create a powerful statement with the ultra contemporary and minimalist Lucente White handleless door.
The clean lines flow effortlessly around the furniture to give a simple and uncomplicated exclusive look.

Lucente Gloss Anthracite

This on trend, cutting edge design offers uncompromising style with its sleek, contemporary look. Lucente Anthracite will make a bold statement in any room.

Lucente Gloss Cream (Ivory)

Classic and chic; the Lucente Cream high gloss handleless door creates a warm and welcoming setting. The introduction of curved doors brings with it a softer and bespoke aesthetic.

Lucente Gloss Stone

For a fresh and avant-garde kitchen, choose the all-new Lucente high gloss Stone handleless door. This innovative colour provides a natural and calming ambience in the busiest room of the house.

Lucente Hand Painted

Our extremely popular and ultra contemporary Lucente door is taken to another level as we present it in a range of chic matt hand painted colours. This handleless door offers an air of simplicity, creating the perfect kitchen in any home.

Lucente Hand Painted is available in 20 standard colours in a matt finish. Other colours are available through our bespoke hand painted service. Pick your desired stock colour, or alternatively bring a swatch.

Colours available:

Colours available:

Colour Match
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Lucente Gloss Grey

For a sleek and contemporary kitchen choose the ultra chic Lucente Grey handleless door. This cutting edge design offers uncompromised style whilst leading the trend; perfect for the design savvy customer.

Lucente Gloss Pavilion

Combining sleek flowing lines with a neutral earthy tone, the Lucente high gloss Pavilion door creates a contemporary and uber-stylish environment. Perfect for the homeowner looking to make a real style statement.