Cartmel Hand Painted

Timeless in its design, Cartmel hand painted creates an elegant and welcoming environment in any home. The neutral tones and simplistic design offer an uncomplicated living space, one that can be matched with a plethora of accessories to create the perfect kitchen.

Cartmel Hand Painted is available in 20 standard colours; other bespoke colours are also available through our bespoke handpainted service. Pick your desired colour, or alternatively bring a swatch.

Colours available:

Colours available:

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Cartmel Dakar

Dakar is another new member of the Cartmel family with its earthy hues, a comfortable choice for most homes. The curved base and wall units shown create a contemporary feel, this versatile door can also be accessorised to look traditional, accentuated by the woodgrain textured detail.

Cartmel Sage Green

The latest addition to the Cartmel family, sage green provides calming pastel tones to complement a more neutral coloured room. Traditional and contemporary accessories allow your kitchen to be tailored to your individual taste while the woodgrain textured detail creates the look of hand painted timber.

Cartmel White

White creates a crisp, chic look when combined with the Cartmel shaker door style and provides longevity in terms of fashion. Tongue and groove panels provide more traditional influence and add character to an island unit.

Cartmel Stone

The pastel hue of Stone creates a welcoming feel that’s always on trend, making it an ideal partner for the Cartmel kitchen. Symmetrical kitchen design is also highly popular and practical as shown here in our cooking station.

Cartmel Oak

The ultimate traditional colourway, Cartmel oak replicates the aesthetic of true timber complete with grain. The flexibility in the capability of the Cartmel range is shown with both curve options and the focal point of the mantel.

Cartmel Mussel

The more traditional tone of Mussel is ideal to accentuate the traditional element in the Cartmel door design. Oak accents can be integrated within Mussel both in furniture and worktop choice to create specific focal points.

Cartmel Light Grey

Cartmel in light grey creates a contemporary kitchen to be proud of. Both light and dark worktop finishes pair to great effect with darker appliances adding a stunning contrast.

Cartmel Dust Grey

Dust Grey is the emerging colour within the kitchen palette and adds depth and definition. This highly fashionable tone illustrates the contemporary aspect of Cartmel and is demonstrated in our linear kitchen design.

Cartmel Cashmere

Cashmere has quickly become a colour favourite across the UK and a shade that appeals to all generations. Cashmere also allows you to use complementary or contrasting room decoration to equal effect.

Cartmel Ivory

A perfect example of classic and contemporary working together to create the beautiful Cartmel door. Its modern look with classic characteristics provides a clean and neutral living space, which can be perfectly matched with a variety of accessories to bring depth and texture to your new kitchen.